TIMEX® Connected App
Classic 50 Move+ FAQs

Q: I setup my meeting pre-notification for 45 minutes, why does the TIMEX Connected app change the pre-notification to 1 hour instead of 45 minutes?

A: In order to extend the battery life of your TIMEX IRONMAN Classic 50 Move+, the TIMEX Connected app automatically matches your appointment’s pre-notification to one of six pre-notifications supported by the watch. The watch supports pre-notifications of instant (at the time of the event), or 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 2 hours before the event. The TIMEX Connected app will automatically match your appointment’s pre-notification to the nearest pre-notification supported by the watch. For example, if your appointment has a pre-notification of 45 minutes the app will set the watch pre-notification for 1 hour.

Q: How do I get rid of specific meeting reminder alerts on my watch?

A: There are two ways to get rid of meeting reminder notices on the watch:

Q: Is there a ‘silence all’ or ‘do not disturb’ function for the watch?

A: The Classic 50 Move+ does not include a do not disturb function, To ensure that no meeting reminders sound when you do not want to be disturbed you can exclude all meeting notifications that are scheduled to occur during your ‘do not disturb’ time, then sync the watch with the app (see the owner’s manual for detailed instructions)..

Q: How much workout/activity data storage is available?

A: The TIMEX Connected app offers virtually unlimited storage of workout data.

Q: When connecting through NFC, the connection starts but never finishes. What is happening?

A: It could be that you are moving the watch away from the NFC sensor in the back of the mobile device. When you hear the alert on the watch (if phone is set to silent then you won’t get an alert from the phone) and see the pairing window on the screen of your mobile device, stop moving the watch until the status bar fills completely.

Q: Why does the watch keep asking me to choose between “Keep App Settings” and “Keep Watch Settings”?

A: The TIMEX Connected App will always check with you for your current preferences. This helps to clear any conflicts and ensure the watch settings always match the app settings.

Q: I’m interested in using the NFC to connect to the TIMEX Connected app. How do I activate the sensors?

A: NFC is activated by accessing the Settings menu:

Q: My step count differs from other activity trackers, why?

A: Although most activity trackers on the market use similar 3D accelerometer technologies to track steps and distance, every manufacturer works to fine tune the software and how it processes data. Timex has worked tirelessly to give you the best estimate of steps, distance and calorie expenditure.

Q: How will I know there is an update available for the TIMEX Connected app?

A: The TIMEX Connected app works the same way other apps work on your mobile device. You will either get an alert on your mobile device that an update is ready to be downloaded or the mobile device will automatically download the updated app (based on your mobile device settings).

Q: I’m trying to access a meeting in the calendar function of the TIMEX Connected app. I see there is an arrow on the far right-hand side of each meeting, but I can’t get it to open anything. What am I doing wrong?

A: Place your finger on the red arrow and drag your finger to the LEFT. You will now have the option to Exclude an event or change the pre-notification alert.

Q: I am selling/giving away my TIMEX IRONMAN Classic 50 Move+, how do I break the connection between the watch and the app?

A: In the TIMEX Connected app:

This will remove the watch and settings; the new owner will not get any of your meeting reminder alerts.

Q: I just can’t figure it out and I need help, who can I call?

A: Not a problem, feel free to call TIMEX customer support at 888-727-2931. Just make sure to have your watch and your mobile device in front of you, as we will probably ask you to walk through troubleshooting steps.