Run x50+ App Help

Pairing your watch with a Smartphone

How do I pair my watch to my phone?

Pairing your watch and phone is done through the Timex Connected phone app. When you first launch the Timex Connected app it will guide you through the pairing process. Follow the steps on the app to pair your watch and phone.

If you ever need to re-pair your watch and phone (for example if you get a new phone) then be sure to follow the steps below for un-pairing your watch and phone. If you are having problems keeping a connection with your phone, see Troubleshooting below.

How do I un-pair my watch and phone?

  1. Open the Timex Connected app on your phone. Click on “App Settings”. From the App Settings screen (shown on the right), scroll all the way down to “Remove Watch”.
  2. You will receive a prompt to confirm if you are sure. TAP “OK” to remove your watch.
  3. Exit the Timex Connected app, and go to your phone’s Settings app.
  4. From within your phone’s Settings, select Bluetooth.
  5. Within the Bluetooth menu you will see “Runx50 ABCD” (where ABCD is a 4-character ID for your watch).
  6. Tap the “I” icon next to each Runx50 device listed.
  7. On the screen that appears (see screenshot below).
  8. On the watch go to Settings menu, and select Bluetooth.
  9. If the following screen says “not paired”, then no action is required. If the screen says “Searching” then select the term searching.
  10. On the screen that appears, use the UP and DOWN buttons on the watch so that “Forget” is shown in the center part of the screen. Press the center “DONE” button on the watch.
  11. The watch and phone will now be un-paired.
  12. If you have used your Run x50+ with a fitness app then you should also remove the Run x50 from your fitness app. See your fitness app settings or documentation for how to add and remove sensors.

Connecting your watch to a Fitness App

Configuring your fitness app to work with the Run x50+

Your TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ allows you to connect to and control some of the most popular fitness apps available today. Follow the steps below to use your watch with your favorite fitness app. Check out to see an up-to-date list of all the compatible fitness apps.

The steps below are general. The specific steps for your fitness app may differ slightly.

  1. Download and install your fitness app to your phone. If you already have the fitness app on your phone, ensure you have updated to the latest version.
  2. Open the fitness app on your phone.
  3. From your fitness app select the option to add a new sensor or device. (The location of this may vary for each app).
  4. Follow your app’s on-screen instructions for adding a new sensor or device.
  5. When prompted select your TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ from the list of available sensors. NOTE, if you plan to use a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or foot pod for your workouts, you will need to pair those sensors to the fitness app as well.
  6. On most apps, you will be able to customize what info you want displayed on your screen and how it is arranged during the set-up process.
  7. This procedure will need to be done for each fitness app that you want to use with your Run x50+.

Using Fitness mode

Make sure to follow the previous steps for setting up your favorite fitness app to work with your Run x50+.

  1. Launch the fitness app on your phone but do not start a workout/activity.
  2. On your watch use the menu button and the UP/DOWN buttons to select Fitness mode.
  3. Your watch should automatically connect to your fitness app
  4. Once your watch and fitness app are connected, you can safely tuck your phone away and start the workout from the watch.
  5. On most apps, you will be able to view the workout information and control the fitness app (start, stop, pause, take a split, control integrated music). You will also be able to press the UP and DOWN buttons on the watch to change your displays and see different metrics.
  6. Once you stop and save the workout on the fitness app, that information will be viewable on the fitness app

The Run x50+ will have different capabilities on different fitness apps. Here are some cool things we like about running with the Wahoo Fitness App. Check out our How To videos for more tips and tricks on other fitness apps.

Getting text alerts, caller ID, and other notifications on your watch

How do I configure Notifications?

The Run x50+ is capable of receiving notifications from compatible iOS or Android devices. Your watch will alert you in real-time when it is connected to your phone so you never miss an important call, text, or notification.

To view previous notifications press the CENTER button from the time of day screen to access the Notification Center. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll within the current notification, or use the LEFT and RIGHT button to see the previous or next notification. Your watch will store up to 20 notifications.

You can select which notifications appear on your watch:


When paired to an iOS device, whatever notifications appear on your smartphone (in the iOS notification center) will automatically appear on your watch. To control which apps appear in the notification center go to Settings -> Notifications on your iOS device. From there you can select which apps can send notifications and which will show on your lock screen. NOTE- the changes below will change which notifications you receive on your phone, as well as your watch.

Receiving too many email notifications?

Receiving too many text/SMS notifications?

Want to turn off ALL notifications?


After pairing your watch to your Android device you can use the Timex Connected app to select which apps send notifications to your watch.

From the Timex Connected App select “App Settings”, then select “Notifications”. This will show you a list of all the installed apps on your phone that are capable of sending notifications.

Most of the popular apps will be listed on the main screen for you to pick from.

If you find that you are not getting some notifications that you expect to receive, then you can check the advanced “Show all” view. Use caution when selecting from the “Show all” view as this may result in unexpected notifications appearing on your watch.

You can also turn off all notifications by using the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature on the Timex Connected App (see below) or to disable notifications for a longer period of time you can turn off all notifications in the Watch Control -> Notifications section of the Timex Connected app.

Responding to a Notification (iOS only)

When paired to a compatible iOS device your Run x50+ can allow you to respond to some notifications. Not all notifications will allow you to respond from the watch. If a notification supports responses from the watch then text or an icon representing the available response will appear on the watch next to one of the watch buttons. Pressing that watch button will take the indicated action. For example, for an incoming phone call you can accept the call ( ) or send it to voicemail ( ). Accepting the call will answer the phone, but you will need to speak into the phone or a headset.

NOTE: Not all notifications support responses from the watch. Different notifications may support different responses. This is controlled by the individual phone apps.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Do Not Disturb allows you to temporarily disable notifications from your smartphone but still remain connected to your phone for appointments, music control, and other functions.

There are two ways to enable Do Not Disturb mode:

  1. Scheduled – To set a scheduled time for Do Not Disturb mode (for example, while you are sleeping) go to the Timex Connected app.
  2. Manual – You can manually enable Do Not Disturb mode (for example, when in a meeting, or while working out) from the watch.

Where did my notifications go?

The watch notification center stores up to 20 of the most recent notifications from your phone. When more than 20 are received the watch removes the oldest notification. Don’t worry – you can always review more notifications on your phone.

If your watch becomes disconnected from your phone then all notifications on the watch will be deleted when the watch and phone reconnect. This ensures your watch always has the newest and most important notifications.

Music Control

How do I use the Music player?

When paired to your iOS or Android smartphone your Run x50+ will allow you to control many popular music apps directly from your wrist.

To access the music player mode press the LEFT button from the time of day screen, or from any screen where the Music Note appears in the lower left of the screen. NOTE: if you see a Wrench in the lower left button instead of a Music Note, it means you are not connected to your phone. See troubleshooting below.

Once in the music mode you can use the CENTER button to play/pause and the LEFT and RIGHT buttons for previous or next track. For most music apps (iOS only) you will see the track and artist name on your watch. And on most music apps you can use the UP and DOWN buttons on the watch to control the music volume. TIP: for most apps you can hold the LEFT or RIGHT button to rewind or fast forward within a track.

By default, your watch will play whichever music app is in the foreground. So if you were most recently listening to Spotify and the app is still open on your phone, your watch will activate and control Spotify. If you have no music apps open, your watch will control your phone’s built-in music player.

Appointment Reminders

Viewing Appointments on your Run x50+

The Run x50+ can show the next 10 upcoming calendar events from your phone’s calendar, and will provide reminder alerts when the appointments begin. To enable this be sure to give the Timex Connected app access to your phone calendar when prompted. You can select which of your phone calendar appear on the watch by going to:

iOS: App Settings -> General -> Pick Calendars to Sync

Android: App Settings -> General -> Select Calendar

To navigate the appointments on your watch press the BOTTOM RIGHT button while in the Time of Day watch face. You can use the right and left watch buttons to navigate to the next or previous appointment and use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll the information within an appointment.

The list of appointments on your watch will automatically update ONLY if the Timex Connected app is open on your phone – if you “force close” the app, the appointments will no longer update. If you find that your watch is not updating appointments, simply launch the Timex Connected app on your phone and wait approximately one minute for the appointment list to refresh.

Uploading watch data to a Fitness Site

Linking to fitness site(s)

In the Timex Connected app go to App Settings then under “Upload Sites Settings”, and select “Add Site”. Select your preferred site and follow the on-screen prompts to enter your login information.

Linking the Timex Connected app to your favorite fitness site allows you to still be able to record your workout on those times when you can’t (or don’t want to) workout with your phone.

This will allow you to record basic workout timing information (start time, stop time, lap/split times, etc…) using the Run x50’s built-in Chrono (stopwatch) and Interval Timer modes.

You can then upload the workout data to your favorite fitness site and use the site’s tools to enter more information about your workout such as the type of workout, distance, etc…

INDIGLO® night-light

How do I turn on the INDIGLO® night-light?

To turn the light on, simply give a firm TAP on the watch face.

Your Run x50+ is set to turn on the Indiglo light with just a light tap. If you find that the night-light comes on too easily, you can adjust the sensitivity from the watch or phone app.

From the Timex Connected app, you can choose whether you want to tap to activate regular INDIGLO® night-light or Constant-On, which stays on until you tap again turn it off

Battery Life

Battery saving tips

The battery on your Run x50+ will typically last for 3-5 days between charges, depending on use. Here are some tips for extending the battery life.


My watch and phone are having trouble staying connected (aka - Troubleshooting connection issues)

Sometimes moving between places where there are many Bluetooth or other wireless devices can interfere with the connected between your phone and watch. If you find that your phone and watch are having trouble remaining connected try the following steps:

My INDIGLO® night-light isn’t working!

Your TIMEX IRONMAN Run x50+ is equipped with a light sensor to help save battery life by preventing the night-light from turning on when there is enough ambient light.

If it looks like your INDIGLO night-light isn’t working, try moving to a darker location and trying again. Usually moving the watch out of direct light and to a shaded area, like under a table or desk, will be enough.

Please note that the “Constant On” setting ignores the light sensor and continually illuminates the watch display.

Firmware update

Your Timex Connected app will automatically check for firmware updates for your watch. Timex recommends that you always use the latest versions of both the watch firmware and the Timex Connected app.

Firmware updates will transfer from your phone to your watch wirelessly. This process can take some time (up to an hour on some phones). During this time be sure that your watch and phone remain in range and that they are connected.

If the wireless transfer fails, instructions for a manual firmware update method are available from

The appointments in my watch agenda list are out of date. What do I do? (Appointment refresh)

If the list of appointments in your watch gets out of date, simply open the Timex Connected app on your phone. The Timex Connected app will automatically send a new list of appointments every minute. Opening the app and bringing it to the foreground will make sure this happens.

Some features aren’t working with my Android phone. Why?

Many Android fitness apps are not yet compatible with the Run x50+. Check"> for the latest list of supported fitness apps.

Where is the instruction manual?

For the latest Quick Start Guide or the online User Guide, please find the instructions at for Ironman Run x50+.