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The Timex Intelligent Quartz Story
An evolution in watchmaking that has led to Timex Intelligent Quartz
Timex Intelligent Quartz
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What is Intelligent Quartz technology?

  • Timex Intelligent Quartz technology allows watches to tell more than just time on a classic analog dial. An additional fourth center hand and independent sub-dials add advanced functionality and unique complications to each watch driven by Intelligent Quartz technology. The result is accurate information and a sophisticated look at a value that only comes from Timex.

What functions does Timex Intelligent Quartz technology provide?

  • Currently, Timex Intelligent Quartz technology drives an intuitive perpetual calendar, tide clock, compass, altimeter, fly-back chronograph, world clock, and thermometer. However, the real beauty of the technology is that it is an open-ended platform with the flexibility to incorporate new technologies, new functions and new ideas as they become available. We’re just waiting for technology to catch up with us.

How does Timex Intelligent Quartz technology work?

  • On-board sensors and microprocessors drive independent motors and distinct dial hands. With up to six hands on each analog dial, information is displayed in real-time and on demand. While three traditional hands always display time, the additional hands move in either direction to quickly adapt to changes or to display different information.

Who invented Timex Intelligent Quartz technology?

  • The perfect harmony of sophisticated style and technological innovation only comes from a true watchmaker. More than 150 years of experience in creating state-of-the-art movements and iconic designs allows Timex to combine these disciplines like we never have before.
  • Timex Intelligent Quartz technology capitalizes on expertise across the Timex organization and across the globe. The technology was developed by Timex in Pforzheim, Germany. The iconic, sophisticated case designs were crafted by Timex in Milan, Italy.
  • A Timex with Intelligent Quartz technology is a Timex from start to finish.

Are watches with Timex Intelligent Quartz technology mechanical?

  • No, at the heart of Timex Intelligent Quartz technology is a quartz analog movement. Time is kept precisely by measuring the oscillations of a quartz crystal, and the movement is powered by an energy cell. Quartz movements offer accuracy and consistency unmatched by any mechanical watch. Timex Intelligent Quartz technology add advanced functionality and sophisticated dial complications to the accuracy of quartz with a variety of sensors and advanced microprocessors.

How long will the battery last with Timex Intelligent Quartz technology?

  • Watches with Timex Intelligent Quartz technology include an extra-long life lithium battery*. Based on usage patterns and the specific functions included, the battery should last between four and six years.

*Battery life estimates are based on certain assumptions regarding usage. Battery life may vary depending on actual usage.