NOTE: The software listed on this page is for previous Data Link products. Software for current Data Link products is available here.

5 additional WristApps for your Timex Data Link 150 or 150s watch. Download here!

Golf Score Keeper

The Golf WristApp allows golfers to keep track of their scores the paperless way.

Copyme! Game

The CopyMe WristApp is a memory game that displays sequences which the player copies by pressing the buttons on the watch. The level of difficulty increases as the player solves each sequence, providing a challenging and entertaining game on the wrist.

Pulse Calculator

The Pulse WristApp aids in calculating your heart rate in beats per minute. The pulse calculator cues you to begin counting beats and when you have counted 10 beats, you press a button to display your heart rate on your watch. The Timex Data Link watch does not actually measure your pulse, it is a pulse calculator only.

Value Converter

The Conversion WristApp is a table of values showing conversions from one unit of measure to another. The source values, or values to be converted, are shown on the first line of the watch. The converted values are shown on line 2. The conversion units are shown on the third or dot-matrix line of the watch. The Conversion PC Configuration Application allows you to set up the configuration of the WristApp. You can determine the speed at which the watch table entries scroll. You can also modify the conversion units text, and even the conversion factor. A preview feature allows you to view the entries that will be downloaded to the watch.

World Time

The World Time WristApp shows the time in each of 24 time zones. This aids world travelers in determining the time in their destination cities. The World Time PC Configuration Application shows the major cities of 24 time zones. Then you can select from a drop down list box the city you desire for each time zone. The application provides a corresponding city code which you may modify. This city code is what will be shown in the dot matrix area of the watch. You may also choose to check the DST box, which would set the selected time zone to Daylight Savings Time.