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Download Schedules from the Web, or Schedules You Create, to Your Timex Data Link USB Watch

The Timex Data Link® USB software now includes a powerful, new feature that allows you to import schedules available on the web. You can download schedules for sports teams, concerts, astronomical events, and more, and put them in your watch.

You need version 1.0.1 or higher of the Timex Data Link USB software to use this feature.
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How It Works

You can create your own schedule in iCal format and import it through the web into your watch. In addition, Apple and others publish a wide variety of schedules for desktop calendar applications in iCal format on the web. Here are some links to some of the numerous web sites available:


The Timex Data Link® USB software lets you import schedules from such sites on the web.

Just follow these steps:

  • Start the Timex Data Link USB application.
  • Open the Schedule mode dialog and click the Import button.
  • Select "iCal Format Schedules" and click OK.
  • An import wizard will guide you from there.

You will only need to copy the web address of the schedule you want, which you can generally do by RIGHT-clicking the link to the schedule, which sometimes says “Subscribe,” and selecting “Copy Shortcut.” Note: the web sites may have guidelines for you to follow in connection with importing schedules.

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